How to Solve Your Postnatal Body Hang-ups

Congratulations on becoming a mum! Well done; pregnancy really is quite a feat, as is the wonderful world of parenting. Now that you have had your baby, and even if you had your baby a while back, you may realise just what your body went through during your pregnancy. Loosening of ligaments, expanding tummy, morning … Continue reading How to Solve Your Postnatal Body Hang-ups

How to have a stress-free Christmas as a new mum

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine....or should that be, wine, wine and more wine (forget the mistletoe)? The festive time of year can be a stressful time for anyone, but as a new mum, it can place further demands on you. You are already trying to get the hang of breast feeding, changes in your body … Continue reading How to have a stress-free Christmas as a new mum

Parenthood and the Workplace

If you were recruiting someone for your company, who would you prefer; someone with children, or without? Or would you not mind? Instead, would you be focused on their skills and experience? Or maybe you'd be worrying that a parent would need more flexibility for the school-run. Or perhaps that a non-parent may turn up … Continue reading Parenthood and the Workplace

How you CAN get through Post-Natal Depression

I sat in a room separate from my days-old daughter Mollie, my second child, not able to hold or feed her. I didn't know why I felt incapable of the things that were supposed to come naturally to a mother; I just knew that I couldn't look after her. I imagined running away to anywhere … Continue reading How you CAN get through Post-Natal Depression

Yoga for Post-partum Depression

After speaking to the Ealing Perinatal team who recommended I try mother and baby yoga. I had tried it once before with Alfie but had found it rather boring; the teacher demonstrated all the poses whilst I copied, and Alfie was left to his own devices, rolling around on the floor. I didn't particularly warm … Continue reading Yoga for Post-partum Depression

Coping with Postnatal Depression

Depression seems to me to be such a taboo subject. I suffered from this (mostly without realising that I was ill) throughout my teens up until the present day. I remember trying to speak to my tutors at university about my unexplainable feelings of sadness, and then to a uni counsellor, both of whom told … Continue reading Coping with Postnatal Depression

Teaching yoga as a new mum-spoiler alert!

Before I had lovely Alfie I was foot-loose and fancy free, able to practice yoga twice a day, attend classes and book onto workshops without a second thought.   Life and yoga was so easy back then......   Fast forward a year and a bit and one yoga teaching qualification later (plus a baby Alfie!) … Continue reading Teaching yoga as a new mum-spoiler alert!