How to Solve Your Postnatal Body Hang-ups

Congratulations on becoming a mum! Well done; pregnancy really is quite a feat, as is the wonderful world of parenting. Now that you have had your baby, and even if you had your baby a while back, you may realise just what your body went through during your pregnancy. Loosening of ligaments, expanding tummy, morning … Continue reading How to Solve Your Postnatal Body Hang-ups

How to have a stress-free Christmas as a new mum

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine....or should that be, wine, wine and more wine (forget the mistletoe)? The festive time of year can be a stressful time for anyone, but as a new mum, it can place further demands on you. You are already trying to get the hang of breast feeding, changes in your body … Continue reading How to have a stress-free Christmas as a new mum

Parenthood and the Workplace

If you were recruiting someone for your company, who would you prefer; someone with children, or without? Or would you not mind? Instead, would you be focused on their skills and experience? Or maybe you'd be worrying that a parent would need more flexibility for the school-run. Or perhaps that a non-parent may turn up … Continue reading Parenthood and the Workplace

How you CAN get through Post-Natal Depression

I sat in a room separate from my days-old daughter Mollie, my second child, not able to hold or feed her. I didn't know why I felt incapable of the things that were supposed to come naturally to a mother; I just knew that I couldn't look after her. I imagined running away to anywhere … Continue reading How you CAN get through Post-Natal Depression

Gender confusion in the sock department

My kids need socks. I have left it as long as possible before buying them any more, knowing that in the past, no sooner had I bought them, than they outgrew them. Either that, or my three year old son has painted his peel-off nail polish that doesn't peel-off all over them. However, today was … Continue reading Gender confusion in the sock department

Center Parcs IS cool

A lack of hedonism but a new-found appreciation for nature While the majority of my work colleagues were exclaiming their excitement over going on holidays to get drunk in Vegas, to surf in Spain, to generally be hedonistic somewhere hot, I was slightly embarrassed to reveal that I was going to Center Parcs. The embarrassment … Continue reading Center Parcs IS cool

When life gives you lemons…

I have a website which I created as a resource for parents and carers who needed advice about flexible working and their rights. It's called Flexymama; take a look. However, despite being the purveyor of certain values in the workplace, guess what? I have ironically and unhappily found myself working for an employer who does … Continue reading When life gives you lemons…

New caffeine fix for sleep deprived parents in Acton

It has been so long since I have written, and I am not afraid to say that this has been due to being completely overwhelmed by the exhaustion and anxiety of caring for a two year old and 16 week old baby. I admit that if it weren't for my calm and loving husband, I … Continue reading New caffeine fix for sleep deprived parents in Acton