Parenthood Cafe Chiswick

‘Omg I’m so excited!’ were my first words as I read the Facebook update of a new coffeeshop opening in Chiswick. For parents. It’s as if someone had read my mind and said, ‘Okay, let’s create somewhere that parents can go for a coffee whilst their children can safely have fun, but let’s make it nice.’ If I’d had the money, this is something that I would have loved to create, but being a student, was never going to happen.

I counted down the days until Parenthood’s opening, then decided that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to visit with the children on it’s opening day, what with the many, many young families in and around Chiswick. So I instead visited this afternoon, a sunny Wednesday hoping most people would be out in the parks.

It turns out that I was right! I went at about 230pm and there were only four other parents in the café. The staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Admission was £4 for Mollie who is one year old to play for an hour. It was a further £3.40 for an oat milk flat white (serves me right for being a milk snob). The buggy park at the back was tiny I predicted that I’d have difficulty in retrieving our buggy should it get busy (I was right). However, I was able to just put Mollie down on the floor whilst I parked the buggy, something that I wouldn’t be able to do most places, and she was able to crawl off and safely play with a marble-clad wall and a collage of bendy straws and velcro. Genius!

I Googled ‘marble-clad wall for babies’ when I got home

I must say, I absolutely loved the staff. They were so warm and couldn’t do enough to help. The owner brought me a floor cushion to sit on and another lady brought me my coffee in a plastic eco-cup, obviously sensing that I was a rather clumsy mum with an unpredictable daughter. The coffee was okay (not as good as Brew) but caffeine is caffeine when you’re a tired parent.

Parent friendly bathroom complete with child seat

The bathroom and changing facilities downstairs are great. They really have thought of everything with the installation of a child seat in the toilet. At last, mummy gets to use the toilet without Mollie trying to sit on her lap.

There is also a studio downstairs where children’s and parents classes are run by external businesses, although it’s a shame that this space couldn’t have been used as an area for older children. The admission price is for a child up to 5 years old, but I imagine that my 3 year old would get bored. The toys available were geared more towards babies, which was great for Mollie, and there was a smaller section reserved for babies and crawlers. I rather embarrassed myself when I asked the staff how one reserves the area…

We spent most of the time sat on the floor but were given comfy cushions!

I would visit Parenthood again for a quick coffee and so that Mollie can have a little crawl around without me having to worry about her wandering off somewhere. There was little in the way of food being offered but I think that this is because the cafe is in its infancy. I am sure that it will grow to be hugely successful seeing that it is in the heart of Chiswick, a place where parents don’t mind spending £3.40 on a coffee if it means that they get some peace and quiet.


87-89 Chiswick High Road

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