Since Becoming a Mum

Since becoming a mum…..

  1. I no longer wear makeup. I used to trowel it on, so I probably looked like a clown anyway.

Goodbye clown makeup.

2. My exercise of choice is no longer running or Barre, but is instead pelvic floor exercises and baby yoga (…yawn).


Pelvic floor exercise and squishy ball.

3. I get nervous when I have to run, sneeze or cough, just in case my pelvic floor exercises have not been working. I went to a netball class last summer; never again.

4. I’m lucky if I manage to have a shower before 2pm-the other day, I didn’t even have one. I’m not sure if I didn’t have time, or if I was too tired, or a mixture of both. #smell

5. I never seem to be able to leave the house on time due to poo nappies or milk sick laden clothes, meaning that I am always cancelling on people. I have been meaning to go round my neighbour’s house for a week now but have had to cancel numerous times due to the aforementioned reasons. She is my next door neighbour, for goodness’ sake.

6. My daily wardrobe consists mainly of maternity wear; those stretchy waist bands are soooooo hot right now.


A nice baggy dress (and a baby) nicely covers my saggy tummy. 

7.  I have watched Cars, Cars 2 and Cars 3 so many times, I think I am becoming Lightning McQueen.

8. I have had to get over my fear of soft play areas and the sticky balls and why oh why they are sticky.


The sticky cage of doom that is soft play.

9. I feel like screaming when anyone utters the phrase ‘playdate’.

10. I have become brilliant at making conversation at said ‘playdates’ (scream) with other mums with whom I have nothing in common but who I meet up with anyway just because our children are the same age.

11. I have sold my piano to make space for a Jumperoo.


Good old lifesaver that is the Jumperoo.

11. I find the baby monitor way more interesting than A Handmaid’s Tale.

12. I have found myself matching my attire to my daughter.


Matching hairstyles? Tick.

13. I have become one of those generic mum bloggers.

Note: these comments are all entirely tongue in cheek-I understand that playdates are essential for new mum sanity, as is soft play!

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