New caffeine fix for sleep deprived parents in Acton

It has been so long since I have written, and I am not afraid to say that this has been due to being completely overwhelmed by the exhaustion and anxiety of caring for a two year old and 16 week old baby. I admit that if it weren’t for my calm and loving husband, I doubt that I would be able to cope. Of course, the help from my psychologist Rachel to whom I was referred by my GP has helped tremendously. Anyway, on with the blog….

I have been meaning to share news for so long of a pop-up cafe in Churchfield Road Road, Acton. Although I live in Acton, I don’t tend to go into the town centre much, preferring to go into Chiswick for it’s parks and coffee at Brew Cafe (more on that in another post!). However, Acton is undergoing somewhat of a change, reflected in the various new builds dotted around, new developments, and gentrification that can be seen if taking a walk down Churchfield Road. Just off the main high street, one can find various coffee shops and delis here, frequented by various people of different demographics; parents and babies, older folk, and locals amongst many others.

Jof came across Grid Cafe by accident when trying to get Mollie to sleep, then a newborn, by endlessly walking around town with her in a Mai-Tai sling, kindly given to us by a neighbour.


Jof with new-born Mollie in Mai-Tai sling

He bought a much needed coffee and was surprised that he actually found a decent coffee in Acton (we had been searching for ages since moving cafe-laden Islington). We subsequently visited numerous times, most recently ordering sweet potato waffles which were absolutely delish.



There is a play area downstairs which is handy, if a little cramped and lacking in ventilation. Alfie loves playing here, even in the Jumperoo which is WAY too small for him.




As mentioned earlier, this place is indeed a pop-up so will not be here forever. When I last spoke to the owner, he said that they were looking around the rest of Acton and possibly Camden to create either another pop-up, or a permanent space. He plans to house a play area alongside the food and beverage offerings, as the cafe does presently.



The cafe regularly holds kids’ events, such as the mermaid who visits on occasional Sundays (scary but true), and ceramic painting. Details can be found on the company’s Facebook page.



I would thoroughly recommend visiting Grid to sample there medium-roast coffee, which is a rare find in West London what with all the burnt coffee beans of dark roast coffee chains in abundance. Also try the waffles which are healthy and filling. They also do a good Beetroot Matcha Latte.


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