Street harassment in London

I’m really tiring of the harassment that I am experiencing on a near daily basis around the area in which I live. For some reason I thought I may no longer draw male attention to myself now that I am clearly pregnant at over 7 months, but the level has stayed exactly the same. Two weeks ago I had a guy who stumbled out of the Egg Club on York Way in Kings Cross at 1030 in the morning and followed me all the way to Kings Cross.


Onlookers outside the club could clearly see that he was giving me unwanted attention but nobody stepped in to help-at first he kept pushing into me so that I could not pass and then told me that he was going to follow me. I reported this incident to Egg and then to the police; Egg told me that their security staff would be more vigilant whilst the police said that they would have their staff outside Egg on the following Sunday. Fortunately, when I walked past the next weekend, the club had already closed for the morning.

And it’s not just me…

My neighbours, two girls in their 20s, have also had sexual comments hurled at them outside our flat but have said that if they stand up to the men, they men become aggressive. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, sometimes walking around Islington or on my way to Camden. Girls I work with have told me similar stories; some ignore the man which can make him angry at being ignored, some stand up to him which then makes him aggressive. I never experienced this when I was living in East London or anywhere outside London. What is it about these people that makes them treat women like this? I have actually asked a guy this after he was verbally sexually rude to me, and he just laughed. I asked how he would feel if someone spoke to his mother in the same way, and again he just laughed. Is it to make them feel good? It has never happened when I am walking with my husband, and interestingly, my husband has never ever experienced this harassment for men or women.

It has got to the point where I expect to be harassed-I have never felt comfortable walking on my own around this area and I doubt I ever will, and am considering moving to another area, especially with a baby on the way. I just can’t believe that people still think that this is okay.

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