New Café in Camden

IMG_1593After trying a Match Latte from Frame at Kings Cross, I’ve become a little obsessed with them, but have found it hard to find anywhere else near me that serves them. A few times I have driven past Oatmilk near Camden Road overground and have been intrigued by all the random guitars in the window! We decided to go whilst on our lunch break from an NCT workshop, and I was so happy that they actually serve matcha latté with almond milk. And cinnamon!


We sat in and ate a feta cheese and vegetable wrap which my husband loved, and a mozzarella and pesto toasted sandwich which I wasn’t so keen on as the bread was so hard. My latté was great though, and the staff and atmosphere so friendly that I would definitely go back there for drinks. I think that the cafe serves mainly vegan food, but they do offer cow’s milk for coffees so it’s not totally exclusive. They were playing hip hop in the background and selling all kinds of guitars on the walls so it’s safe to say that the theme of the cafe seemed to be music based-worktop by the cash desk was made of a sound system which was pretty novel.


Nice crepe but hard toastie

I would definitely recommend this little cafe for someone who wants somewhere non-touristy away from the centre of Camden and all it’s hordes.

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