Don’t touch my belly!


Why the staring?

Since becoming pregnant, people have started to act incredibly strangely. I have started to show, but it is unbelievable the amount of people (strangers and customers at work included) that will stare at my tummy, whether they are talking to me or not. I find that it makes me incredibly uncomfortable; it’s as if they’ve never seen a pregnant person before!

And the touching!

Now this really makes me crazy. The first time someone touched my tummy after I became pregnant was when I was on holiday. I wasn’t even showing, so the guy was basically poking my abs. He was our activity instructor, and he felt that it was okay to poke me in the tummy with his pen whilst talking about my pregnancy. I wish I’d taken the pen and shoved it up his nose. Some people have even found it okay to grab my tummy with both hands. The last time someone went to do it, I just said firmly, “don’t touch me”. It really isn’t okay. I’ve started to try and hide my growing tummy as I am fed up with all the unwanted touching and staring.

“Oh, it must be because you’re pregnant.”

This is a great one. Literally everything that happens to me and everything that I say and do is now apparently because I’m pregnant; I’m cold: it’s because you’re pregnant. I’m hot:ditto. I walked faster than usual to work as it was so windy outside one morning, and I wanted to be out of the rain. My colleague’s response to this was, no, it wasn’t because of the weather; I walked faster because pregnancy weighs me down.  Which doesn’t even make sense.

I’m eating for two now. (Well, not really.)

If I am to be seen eating a sandwich for my lunch, co-workers will comment, “Ah, you’re eating more now because you’re eating for two.” Actually, I was eating a sandwich as I was on my lunch break and was hungry.

“How are you feeling? You look tired.”

It’s great how the first thing that people will say to me is something negative about my appearance, usually about how tired I look. Or they will open the conversation by asking how I’m feeling, as if they expect me to be ‘suffering’ from pregnancy. Even when I try to get us off the subject of pregnancy, somehow the said person will bring us right back to their favourite topic. Pretty boring.

I am not ill, and pregnancy is not a miracle. Many women have done it before, and whilst I am happy to be pregnant, it was never my life’s ambition to become pregnant, and it is a shame that I am becoming defined by it. I understand that others want to show their happiness for me, but some of their behaviour is incredibly irritating.

I really don’t  mean to offend people and I realise that some women are the complete opposite to me and love to be showered with attention when they are pregnant, but I am still the same person I was before and continue to have the same interests. I have to admit, yes I do love attention, but not because of the size of my stomach.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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