A New Hairstyle For Winter

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling incredibly bored with my hair and had been keen to try Ombre for a while but was wary of the drying effects. I usually go to Rush in Camden, and my stylist had said to me for a long time to try it. Despite thinking that the bleach would completely ruin my long black hair. I was eventually convinced, and had the colour done.

Clearly unhappy with my head of straw.

Clearly unhappy with my head of straw.

Unfortunately, my hair was damaged so badly I had to wear it up. I felt that I had no option but to cut it off, and used the opportunity to try a new hair salon.

I’ve used Wahanda before and love their deals on beauty treatments around London. I found a great offer at Holborn based salon Concrete with 60% off a cut and style with the Creative Director. Fabrize cut my hair to a shoulder length bob, instantly transforming the condition. The salon uses lovely products by Davines, an Italian brand who create sustainable and natural hair products, which I plan to buy as they made my hair so soft!

Soft new hair!

Soft new hair!

I will definitely be back to Concrete-Fabrize has given me 30% off my next appointment if booked with him-something they offer for all new customers.

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