My first ‘healthy’ day

Because of all the rain today, I used it as an excuse not to go to Barre Class at Triyoga, Camden (bad, I know). I then felt so guilty, I decided to do my own mock barre class for myself in my kitchen.

Barre image

Without being in the actual studio with a teacher watching, I didn’t work half as hard as usual though!

When the rain had finally stopped, we decided to go to Caravan at Kings Cross-my husband even tried a decaf Aeropress coffee.

Aeropress image
Decaf Aeropress-who knew?

I went for a decaf flat white, which tasted pretty much the same as a regular one from Caravan; nice and smoky!

Flat white image

I always assumed decaf coffee would taste awful, but if you find a decent coffee shop (especially one who roasts their own beans!) you should find it pretty satisfying!


Web design makes you fat

The title is only referring to myself. Since leaving my very active job, I have become very sedentary, despite my morning yoga self-practice and occasional jog and barre class. Most of my time is spent either making Yumballs (a pretty stationary stance is needed here) or at my computer designing websites (same).

I’ve pretty much gone up a dress size. My once not skinny enough jeans are like jeggings, as illustrated in image below:

Fat jeans image

Ironically, I thought that working from home would allow me more time to exercise, when in fact I seem to be spending all day every day at home working! I know deep down, however, that it is not my job that is making me fat, but my own lazy self.

Tomorrow, I am going to start scheduling exercise into my day-more yoga, less sitting.

No more caffeine-say what?

After chatting to a friend recently, I realised just how much I depended on my at least three-a-day tea and coffee fix. I drank it even though it gives me palpitations and disrupts my sleep pattern, but have always seen meeting up for a coffee as a social event. With the memories of a fluttery heart rate and sleepless nights in my head, I went out and bought some caffeine free tea bags.


During the first day of replacing my usual flat whites with these ‘virgin’ bags, my head was absolutely throbbing. Today, however, I have had no headaches and actually have more energy, if this is possible? The tea bags do not, admittedly, taste as rich as my old brew, but it’s worth it for sound sleep I had last night.