I’m a London-lover who fell head over feet with the city that gave me the freedom to experiment and ‘find myself’. I loved it so much that I decided to stay and raise a Alfie and Mollie, despite the smoggy air and abundance of moody commuters.

I blog about the sometimes difficult journey I have faced in becoming a parent and hope to provide support to those who need it. Motherhood can be a lonely time, what with the sore nipples when trying to breastfeed but nobody to moan to, amongst other things. During my lowest moments, I was advised to write my feelings down; and have not stopped writing. I have faced new challenges (note: prejudice) since welcoming parenthood and, in the process, I have become an avid believer in flexible working and the rights of women in the workplace. I may have become a Mother, but I’m rediscovering my fierceness. Yes, it’s a word.

Happy reading readers.